Smart Cargo Bot
Cargo search on Lardi and Della
much easier now with

Go to the bot and find cargo faster than others
Use anywhere, from any device
Laptop, tablet or phone - SmartCargoBot works perfect on any screen. At any time you are aware of what is happening!
What problems will SmartCargoBot solve?
Wasted time
Is it taking too long to find cargo? - SmartCargoBot solves this problem! Notifications about new cargoes come instantly to your gadget!
Missed opportunity
Do you have to monitor two sites at the same time and do not have time to take the cargo? The bot sends notifications from two sites at the same time! All orders in one place!
Safe driving
On the road, there is no way to constantly look at the screen ... SmartCargoBot - will send a notification about a new cargo in your direction and you can take it to work in 2 clicks!
How it works?
You authorize on the Lardi and Della websites through browser of your gadget, create a request and send a search link to the bot following the instructions. Or directly from the bot set the search settings! The bot sends all existing orders according to your search! Request can be saved, you dont have to set it each time. Only 30 seconds for setting the bot will save hours of website research!
Who will benefit from SmartCargoBot?
It is convenient to choose and take an order without wasting a lot of time!
Optimize your work! Be more productive! find cargo faster than others!
Build your profitable and efficient logistics company!
For private carriers
You don't need a whole logistics department - it's in your pocket!
Shipping agent
Take a passing load easy!
For transport companies
It will reduce your employment resources, optimize logistics, save your money!

Fast and easy cargo search

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I always have a very tight schedule and a lot of travel. The bot helps not to waste time and always be the first to find the best cargo
Sasha Bryusov
I'm an operator and work with Lardy and Della every day. This bot has made my job so much easier! I don't have to stare at the sreen all day! Thanks a lot!!!
Maria Antokhina
I have been in cargo transportation for 4 years already and spend a lot of time to load my 6 trucks... Many thanks for such a convenient service, where you can find all relevant loads in one place not wasting all the day for it!
Maxim Krishchenko

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Fast and easy cargo search
Join for free and start your trial period
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